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Lesson 6 الدَّرْسُ السَّادِسُ


Feminine nouns

  • In Arabic language words are either masculine or feminine. A masculine word can be changed to a feminine by adding any of the following three symbols at the end of a masculine word:
    • ة  called Tā’ Marbūŧah,
    •  اء called Alif Mamdūdah or
    •  ىٰ called Alif Maqŝūrah. 
  • However there are certain Feminine nouns and adjectives which do not have any of these three signs and are considered Feminine, e.g., 
  • The earth الأَرْضُ and the sun الشَّمْسُ are feminine in Arabic language.
  • The double members of the body parts are usually feminine while single members are masculine. i.e., for example, on the human body there are two eyes and therefore they are considered as feminine, while we have one nose so this part of the body masculine. We have two hands therefore they are feminine but one face so it is masculine. - Arabic Language Course