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Tuition Services

Tuition Services

We are in the process of launching a tuition service due to commence on May 2010. Our goal here is to offer an affordable online 1 to 1 tuition service with native Arabic teachers. Some of the features of this service will be:

  • Fixed price tuition – our lessons will cost £10 per hour (approx $15). We will offer discounts of 20% for bookings of 10 lessons or more – i.e. £8 per hour ($12).*
  • Team of highly qualified, native teachers teaching Arabic for English speaking students
  • Team of highly qualified, native teachers teaching Arabic in other foreign languages (French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian and many other languages.
  • Assignment of a teacher to suit your requirements including:
    • Male and Female teachers
    • Business Arabic / Conversational / Classical Arabic (Islamic) / Linguistic-Grammar. we match the teacher based on what you are seeking to achieve.
    • Teachers with experience teaching children.
    • Teachers with strong Qu’ranic / Islamic knowledge.
    • Optional: Immersion based approach (no foreign language – all instruction done in Arabic). We have some very strong teachers in this category who can help you take the hard (but extremely effective) route of learning Arabic through Arabic through special techniques / images / role play etc. These teachers are also typically very strong in Classical / Qu’ranic Arabic and grammar.
  • A comprehensive booking system to enable you to measure your performance and provide anonymous feedback on your teacher. You can change your teacher at any point if you are unhappy.
  • A special application to enable you to view books during your lesson **, perform handwriting using a writing tablet, use audio / video.
  • We can also customise our teaching to your specific requirements if necessary – e.g. using Skype, Google, MSN etc. We will match your requirements based on audio / video and software preferences and offer technical advice to get you set up at no charge. This will be done outside of lesson time.
  • Coverage of all major courses:
    • Kitab al Assasi
    • Al Arabiyah Bayna Yadaik
    • Madinah Books
    • Gateway to Arabic Series
    • Specific courses can be structured based on your requirements.

* Please note that the $US dollar rate is subject to change based on Exchange rates as we base our charges on Sterling.

** We do require students covering the course material to purchase texts after 10 lessons although we provide a discount to below our cost price. - Arabic Language Course